In 1934, Daisy, the familiar toy company associated with making children’s cap guns, released the very first toy ray gun to America. Pulled from the adventures of Buck Rogers, space hero of the theatrical serials of the time, the  XZ-31 ROCKET PISTOL  immediately sparked children’s imagination, and this toy, costing fifty cents, would now fuel kids own fantastic science-fiction imaginary adventures for years to come!

Since then, hundreds & hundreds of different toy ray guns have been released and quickly began to symbolize our desires to be a part of the amazing sci-fi adventures that kids and adults, alike, were reading about and watching in movies and on TV!

In the last 70+ years, many of these toys have become highly collectible, and in some cases worth thousands of Dollars! 

As ray guns and science fiction continued to grow in popularity, in the decades following the 30’s, another concurrent expression of art and fantasy was the postcard pinup model. Thusly, in a first for hardcover publication, we will feature recreated vintage pinup photography with each stunning girl accessorizing our collection of atomic weaponry in adventurous and sexy vignettes accompanying the highest quality photos, featuring multiple angles of our exotic collection with as much historical detail on each that we can research.

Parallel to the collection’s exhaustive photography, we are also inviting many well-known and experienced cosplay models to bring these portraits of time and space, in a gorgeous and unique hardcover, coffee table edition for the first time ever,to you…